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 Alastair McIntosh, Verene Nicolas & Book Cover Pictures for Media Use


These are high resolution JPEG or BMP pictures intended for our professional work and suitable for media publications. Click on the thumbnail images to download then save. Where it is easy to do so, please credit the photographer. If that's awkward, don't worry.


Click Thumbnails on left to Download (large files, slow loading) - book covers here

July 2018, Joint Services Command & Staff College,Shrivenham. Taken to mark 21st year of guest lecturing on nonviolence at the college (Advanced Command & Staff Course). Credit: UK Defence Academy (9 MB file sizes).
July 2017, courtesy of Andrew Firth, taken in London for High Profiles interview.

Please credit photographer and wherever possible give link: http://www.firthphoto.co.uk

June 2017 at Lossiemouth Harbour, Scotland. Taken on occasion of visiting the retired trawlerman and fisheries writer, David Thomson.


Photos: Nick Underdown

Giving a public lecture at the Mackintosh School of Art, Glasgow, January 2015.

Photo: Muhammad Idrees Ahmad

Outer Hebrides, 2015, looking west from N Uist towards the Isle of Boreray

Photo: Vérène Nicolas

Outer Hebrides, 2015, looking north from N Uist towards the Isle of Harris and Roineabhal, the mountain once threatened by a superquarry

Photo: Vérène Nicolas

Taken at home at Govan, Glasgow, 2015.

Photo: Matt Carmichael

Taken in Govan, Glasgow, Aug 2014

Photo: Michael Newton


Taken at home in Govan, Glasgow, Oct 2010.

Photo: Dominique Carton



Taken in the Harris Hills, Outer Hebrides, October 2009, 5 months after I'd made the Poacher's Pilgrimage and with gear the same as for the walk. A cropped version of this may be used as the cover photo in the book being published in June 2016.

Photo: Vérène Nicolas



Ironically these were both taken at a sustainability meeting in the boardroom of my "auld enemy", Lafarge of Harris superquarry fame, in March 2008.

Photo: "(C) Médiathèque Lafarge - Alain Le Breton". (Lafarge and the photographer have given me permission to make general use of these images.)


Vérène Nicolas & Alastair McIntosh


Taken in Co Mayo, Ireland, May 2016, on the 20th anniversary of our meeting there.


Photo: Selfie



Vérène Nicolas, Loch Lomond, 2017

Photo: Alastair McIntosh



Hi-res images of bestsellers and most recent books

These are thumbnails only - click the required cover to download file

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Poacher's Pilgrimage (Paperback - 2018 - both UK and USA editions)

- best to use this one unless the UK hardback (below) is specifically wanted.

Poacher's Pilgrimage (Hardback edition - 2016)
Spiritual Activism (2015)
Hell and High Water (2008)
Soil and Soul (2001 & 2004)